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Deion Sanders' Kids Recruiting Transfers Via DM While the Colorado Coach Avoids Home Visits

The Deion Sanders era at Colorado continues to be a unique experience. Coming off a 4-8 season the Buffaloes' added Warren Sapp as a graduate assistant and they aren't stopping there. The school is looking to the transfer portal to improve its roster. So if you'd like to play for Deion Sanders at Colorado, simply open up your Instagram app and send a direct message to one of Deion's son. No, really.

This is an actual story that Shilo Sanders posted on Instagram on Tuesday after the spring transfer portal opened. If you're a defensive player looking to transfer, send him a DM. If you're an offensive player, hit up his brother Shedeur Sanders. Also, this is not Last Chance U.

It was reported last month by USA Today that since Sanders was hired by Colorado, he had not made a single home visit and had done all his recruiting from Boulder, choosing not to use his $200,000 travel budget because he feels it is a waste of money.

While it sounds nice to be frugal and not spend the university's money on traveling, making his sons screen transfer request seems a bit more odd. Is there no one else at Colorado who should be handling that? It sounds like they're recruiting players for a 7v7 tournament this weekend and one of their guys is going to be out of town. You would assume the other Pac-12 schools have a much more formal and organized process for sifting through potential transfers, but they're just built different at Colorado.

The good news is that if Sheduer and Shilo put together a good roster they should be able to finish ahead of Arizona State - the only Pac-12 team they beat in 2023—in the standings next season. Don't you love it when a plan comes together?