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Guardians' Josh Naylor Slams Bat Against Helmet After Home Run in Unorthodox Alternative to Bat Flip

SInce the Cleveland Guardians acquired first baseman and outfielder Josh Naylor from the San Diego Padres in 2020, the Ontario native has provided baseball fans with all manner of entertainment.

Has he proclaimed he "(wants) all the smoke" after the best game of his career? Has he called New York Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole his "little f---ing son?" Has he head-butted manager Terry Francona after a walk-off? The answer is yes to all those questions.

On Saturday, he added another stunt to his repertoire: after a home run during the Guardians' 6–3 win over the Oakland Athletics, he slammed his bat barrel-first against his helmet and spiked it to the ground.

While bat flips have grown in popularity in recent years, you don't see something like this often.

After the game, Cleveland manager Stephen Vogt was asked about the stunt.

"That's Josh Naylor, man," Vogt said. "Obviously he's emotional and charismatic. As long as he didn't concuss himself, I'm alright."