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18 Gambling Resolutions to Ring in a Winning Year


Happy Holidays to everyone in our online gaming community. Before ringing in the New Year, it’s customary to reflect on the shortcomings of the current one. Most of us find that our gym memberships were not used as much as we planned. But, our discount card at the local pizza joint was.

What can you do? You can try to improve in the coming year.

Your gambling results in 2017 might not have gone the way that you envisioned either. But there are ways that you can become a better bettor—especially in 2018.

Did you know that both Chinese and Hebrew traditions mark the number 18 as a lucky number?

In China, 18 is pronounced very similarly to the phrase “going to prosper.” The Hebrew tradition has a numerical value for words. The Hebrew word for life, “chai,” has the numerical value of 18. So, 18 is a number that reflects the “hope of a long life.” I don’t know about you but “going to prosper with hope of a long life” sounds good to me!

In that spirit, here are 18 resolutions that you can make to improve your results when playing online in 2018:

     1. I will have a full understanding of the rules, limits and payout schedule for any game I play online.

     2. I will not play tired.

     3. I will not play sick.
     4. I will not play when I have had too much to drink.
     5. I will not play when I am distracted by work, family or friends.
     6. I will not wager outside of my budget.
     7. I will not chase my loses.
     8. I will stick to a budget.
     9. I will set a time limit for my online gambling play—and not go over it.
     10. I will “lock up a win” (stop gambling when up) whenever I can.
     11. I will keep an online gambling journal to track my success. This is the best way to see how you are doing and if you
           have enjoyed any improvements.
     12. I will take advantage of promotions and bonuses constantly being updated at sportsquare.com. It makes no sense
           to leave free money on the table. 
     13. I will have fun gambling online! Remember you started this crazy ride as a form of entertainment. Enjoy yourself!
     14. I will read more books on gaming
     15. I will fold more speculative hands while playing online poker. You can’t win every pot, so don’t try.
     16. I will raise or fold instead of calling while playing online poker.
     17. I will “keep book” (notes on other players) and use that information effectively while playing against them.
     18. I will save money by only defending my blinds when I have a playable hand—and, save valuable bets when out of

Even if you pick one or two of these suggestions, you will improve your chances of winning. Post them on your fridge, right next to that pizza coupon. Happy New Year to you and yours. Best of luck in the coming year!

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