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3 Ways to Win at PalaBingoUSA.com’s 90-Ball Games


Mention online gambling and most people’s minds turn instantly to online poker. For others, their minds go right to online slots, blackjack and video poker games. But for a growing segment of players, there’s another game on the scene. One that’s been around a long time, but has been remade as an online game.

We’re talking bingo. That’s right, the old standby, calling out the numbers in the church basement bingo.

Now, we’ve talked before about the online bingo options available in New Jersey—the only state that allows casino games other than poker online—at sites like TropicanaCasino.com and PlaySugarHouse.com. But few online sites have embraced bingo like PalaCasino.com. In fact, they’ve embraced it so much, they have a bingo-only site at PalaBingoUSA.com.

The site is now active every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7-10 p.m. with a full lineup of bingo games. PalaBingo offers 90-ball bingo, which differs from the traditional 75-ball bingo usually played live.

90-ball bingo offers three ways to win. The first game winner is the player who covers any one-line pattern. The second game winner is the player who covers any two-line pattern. The third and final winner will be the player who covers all three lines on one of their cards.

And right up front, PalaBingo adds $1,200 in bonus prizes to that schedule each night as part of its $1,200 Treasure Chest promotion.

It breaks down like this:

• $100 in Added Money Every Hour – four chat games per hour will feature $25 in extra Bingo Bucks (bonus dollars)

​​• $100 Happy Hour Drawing – all bingos earn drawing entry for $100 Casino Bonus

Other promotions include the Full House Bonus—win a Full House Bingo (covering all three lines) in 50 calls or less will automatically win $200 in Bingo Bonus Bucks.

Since PalaBingo is its own site, it also has its own welcome package and deposit match for new players. New players get 150 free bingo tickets to enter games plus $15 in Bingo Bucks. Add to that a first deposit match up to $100.

And, like Pala’s other sites, you’ll earn free spins on Pala’s $1 million slot machine with a chance to win even more bonuses. Players at all of Pala’s sites get a daily spin on the machine.

Plus, you may have noticed the term “chat” games above. Pala spices things up by conducting live chats during some games. Not only do you get some bingo action, you get the same sense of community people have always felt playing the game.

You know, because bingo players rock—and stick together.

Like we said, there is a new game in town.  It could be just what you’re looking for.

Check out PalaBingoUSA.com on our Promotions Page.

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