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4 Reasons You Need to Be Playing the Lottery Online


Whether you have a set of lucky numbers that you rely on or prefer to play games like bingo or keno, online lottery sites offer a fun place to play—and, you never have to leave home.

Online lotteries give players a broader range of games, easy electronic deposits and access to winnings and many ongoing exciting promotions. If you’re not playing online, here are four reasons why you should be:


1. You have more options.

Playing the lottery online means you have access to a wide range of games that you may not have access to at your local corner store. You can play national lotteries like Mega Millions and Powerball, but also a variety of local and online-only games—depending on where you live.


2. You have access to bonuses and promotions.

Online lotteries offer players all kinds of freebies and deals. Many state lotteries, like the Michigan Lottery, offer a sign-up bonus, where new players can receive a 50 percent bonus credit when they make their first purchase. You’ll also have access to lots of promotions, sweepstakes and more.


3. You can track your spending.

Playing the lottery online can help you keep better track of how much time and money you’re spending on the games. You can also set daily and weekly deposit limits so you never go over budget, and self-exclude yourself when you need to take a break from playing.


4. You’ll never forget to cash in.

Billions of dollars in winning lottery tickets go unclaimed every year. Playing online with automatic electronic payments means cashing in (or applying the credits to your account) is simple, no matter how small your winnings are. It’ll save you a trip to your local lottery shop.

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