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Legal and regulated U.S. online gambling sites allow players to easily and securely deposit and withdraw money after setting up an account. Note: sportsquare.com only covers and advertises legally approved U.S. online gambling sites.

How to Create an Online Casino Account

To play online, individuals must provide their names, addresses, email addresses, and Social Security numbers. Online casinos may also ask other identifying questions. Laws require that a player’s identity be verified to prevent money laundering and other criminal offenses.

How to Set up Payment Options

While the specific banking options available vary by each online gambling site, many sites have minimum deposit requirements, often around $5 or $10. Players can also set maximum deposit limits. Withdrawals can sometimes take several business days to be approved and transferred, no matter which banking method players choose.
Here’s a look at some of the payment and withdrawal options available:

  • Credit or Debit Cards
    Credit card deposits tend to have a low success rate, and it’s been reported that less than half of the transactions are approved in New Jersey. This banking method is often only available for deposits (and not withdrawals). Plus, there may be additional costs and fees depending on your cardholder agreement.
  • Guaranteed ACH/Bank Transfer
    Similar to online bill pay and direct deposit, players must provide their bank’s routing number and account number for direct transfers. This method is often considered the quickest and most problem-free method. Some fees apply.
  • Online Banking Transfer
    Players can transfer directly and securely from online banking accounts. However, players must have an online account established with their bank and the “bill pay” function enabled. Some fees may apply.
  • E-Wallets
    E-wallets are online payment systems where funds are transferred from a player’s bank to an e-wallet system and then transferred to an online gaming account. Many e-wallet systems exist, but not all process online gaming transactions.
  • Neteller and Skrill are e-wallets that allow players to transfer funds to online gaming accounts. Players set up an account and then make deposits and withdrawals into their online gaming accounts using a credit/debit card or bank transfer. Transaction fees apply.
  • PayPal is also available at some sites for withdrawals and deposits directly to an online gambling account.


Cash deposits are allowed 24/7 at remote sites, usually local 7-Eleven stores. Players need to have a PayCode sent to their email or phone, and then they can go to a PayNearMe location to make a cash deposit. Fees and deposit limits may apply.

Casino Prepaid Cards
Several online gambling sites offer their own prepaid cards to handle deposits and withdrawals. Cards are funded with credit/debit cards or bank transfers, and operate like e-wallets, where funds from a player’s online account can be transferred. Fees may apply.

Casino Cashier Windows
Many online gambling sites with brick-and-mortar locations take deposits and withdrawals at their on-site casino cashier cages. Players are required to show ID and account information.

Check Withdrawals and Deposits
Some gambling sites will send players a check by regular mail for withdrawals. The checks take several business days to arrive. Some also accept check deposits, as well.

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