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Belarus Legalizes Online Gambling


Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko signed legislation in August that legalizes online gambling in the country.

The legislation requires operators to gain licensing and defines the organization and taxation of online gambling activity through a virtual casino. The bill also creates the conditions and requirements necessary to establish a gambling business. Online gambling could begin in the country as of April 2019.

According to local reports, a license would be approved only following a deposit made into a designated account with a Belarusian bank. This account will be used to pay taxes, fees and duties as well as ensure money is in place for player wins. Settlements with players must take place from this account.

Gambling would be restricted to players 21 or over, which is higher than the current 18-year limit for brick and mortar casinos in the country.

The legislation also says that casino visitors are now prohibited from giving money to others so that they can gamble and all gambling facilities must have video surveillance systems installed.

Under the new law, casino tax rates stay the same for at least three more years.

Operators will be allowed to use servers and domains located outside the country if information about players, such as IP addresses and logins, as well as their operations info is collected through a server located in Belarus.

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