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Big Fish Games Offers a Vast Lineup of Game Titles and Categories


Of all the things we use our smartphones, computers and other devices for, we probably spend the most amount of time playing games—especially online social games. Sure, we may organize the family photos, post on Facebook and keep track of our bank accounts. But, how does that compare to the time you spend playing Bubble Witch or Candy Crush?

Not even close, right? And, that’s even more true if you love the games you find at online casinos. Who hasn’t killed an afternoon playing deuces wild video poker or a hot slot machine?

If your answers to all of these questions have been, “Yes, yes, that’s me,” then let us introduce you to Big Fish Games, one of the largest online gaming worlds out there. And when we say large, we mean really, really large.

BigFishGames.com has a whole universe of social and video games to suit any taste. There are 14 game categories alone for PC games with choices ranging from puzzles to adventure and action games.

Much of Big Fish’s content requires a paid subscription to the site’s Game Club, but that’s more for video game players. The club also offers a great way to preview games for free before buying.

For fans of online casino games, however, you’ll want to check out the free online game section. That’s right, you play for free—although, as with all social game sites, you can choose to pay for more chips, tokens and game features.

One of the best free apps available at the site is Big Fish Casino, which offers a host of free online casino games. The app includes video poker, roulette, black jack, hold’em poker and slots play. Each of the table games offers different levels of minimum bets. For example, Atlantic City games offer the lowest minimum (100 chips) while Dubai High Rise offers the highest at about 1 million chips.

As always, you’ll start with a set amount of chips and can earn bonuses as you play. You always have the option of buying more chips for real money. BigFish.com offers a pretty reasonable return of $1.99 for 20,000 chips.

Apart from the BigFishCasino app, the site also offers other casino apps from slots to keno. And even if you’re a big fan of casino games, you’re bound to start looking around at all the other titles on the site.  There’s also a full section for downloading games to your phone and devices.

Put simply, they have everything. Sign up for Big Fish games, and you may not be seen for days.

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