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Bill to Allow iGaming at Racetracks Introduced in New Jersey Senate

A bill that would allow online gaming cafes at New Jersey racetracks, including Freehold Raceway (l.), has been introduced in the New Jersey State Senate. A similar bill was introduced in the state’s Assembly last year. The bill allows tracks to partner with Atlantic City casinos that already offer online gaming.

A companion bill to a proposal in the New Jersey State Assembly to allow internet online gambling cafes at racetracks has been introduced in the State Senate.

The bill allows racetracks to partner with Atlantic City casinos to offer areas for online gaming at the tracks. The two bills are seen as a move to expand gaming at racetracks without having to hold a voter referendum.

New Jersey voters overwhelmingly rejected a referendum in November to allow new casino construction in the state outside of Atlantic City. Expansion of gambling in the state requires voter approval under the state’s constitution.

The exception is when the gambling already exits. Proponents of the bill say racetrack patrons can already gamble online at tracks with their personal devices.

“This bill would permit a running or harness horse racetrack in this State to enter into an agreement with a casino located in Atlantic City, or such a casino’s Internet gaming affiliate, that allows the racetrack’s premises to be available as a venue at which the holder of an Internet gaming account may place wagers at casinos using the Internet.”

The Assembly’s bill has been approved by a committee, but both bills are considered a longshot at getting passed after voters so clearly rejected an attempt to expand gambling in the state.

In another matter, Governor Chris Christie has signed legislation to allow for lottery tickets to be sent by private courier to customers.

The bill is designed to broaden the state lottery’s customer base and that state law does not address the delivery of tickets.

According to the Associated Press, courier services would have to register with and get authorization from the state Lottery Commission before delivering tickets. They may charge a fee but cannot collect a portion of a prize from a redeemed ticket.

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