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Borgata’s Social Site Lets Players Bank Coins, Hone Gaming Skills


Lately, we’ve been introducing our readers to social casino sites as a great way to hone their online gaming skills and have some low-risk online casino fun.

Social casino sites are play-for-free sites where you can try your luck with bonus coins and tokens or take the plunge and buy some coins for nominal fees. Some sites like Big Fish Games offer a host of free-to-play games from standards like Candy Crush to full-scale PC games. And, of course, Big Fish has a great selection of casino games like slots, poker and blackjack.

For a more casino-centric site, however, it’s hard to beat the Borgata’s free-to-play site, which you can access at TheBorgata.com. And unlike the Borgata’s real-money online casino, you don’t have to be physically located in New Jersey to play.

Borgata’s site is completely free to join and starts you off with 5,000 coins. When you sign in, you’ll also get a daily bonus, which increases each consecutive day you sign in to a maximum of 2,800 coins. You’ll also receive bonuses the longer you play. That’s a pretty nice bonus schedule, but keep in mind, most minimum bets start at 200 coins.

If the free coins don’t hold out, you can purchase more. Buy-ins start at $9.99 for 19,000 coins. Each coin purchase also earns you rewards points for things like stays and comps at Borgata in Atlantic City.

Once you’re in, there’s a full lineup of games, including about 100 different slot games. About half the games take high-limit bets and all of them play like regular online casinos, with bonuses, free spins and big jackpots.

There are also four regular slots tournaments with buy-ins ranging from 500 to 20,000 coins. Winners of these tournaments can collect between 4,500 to 45,000 coins.

Next up is table games, including roulette, blackjack and poker games against other online players. (You’ll need the latest Flash player to play.) Add to that nine different video poker games and six different bingo and keno games.

That’s a pretty good representation of what awaits players at real-money sites, including the head-to-head play of online poker. And coin purchase prices are just low enough to gain some skill before making the big entry at BorgataCasino.com and BorgataPoker.com for real money.

But that’s up to you. If you’re good, you can play for free as long as you want at Borgata. That’s the beauty of choice.

Stay up-to-date on the latest bonuses, free spins and more at Borgata and other real-money sites at sportsquare.com’s Promotions page.

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