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Caesars Spinning High Rollers

Caesars Casino's high-roller room has a great selection of online slots, with lots of potential for huge wins.

The most popular slot games these days are penny slots. The appeal of slots in the penny denomination is the relatively low buy-in. You can play for lots of time on little investment, and the big jackpots do occasionally happen.

But what about the players who want even bigger jackpots, and are willing to wager more to get them?

Physical casinos have high-end slot rooms. The problem with those rooms in the brick-and-mortar casinos often comes down to a small game selection, and often, games in denominations that you might not be able to afford for long—$2 or higher.

If you’re playing online, though, Caesars Casino offers a perfect solution. The site features a “High-Roller” room with a great selection of games for players who want to use a bigger bankroll to get higher returns. Moreover, many of these games offer denominations that split the difference between penny games and games in denominations of $2 and more, with a three-credit minimum, or $6 per spin.

Many of the games on Caesars’ High-Roller page feature a minimum bet of $1 per spin, giving you a choice to start at a moderate bet and easily move to higher wagers once you’ve built up a big bank of credits.

Here are some of the best choices currently available at Caesars’ High-Roller room.

Magic of the Nile

Magic of the Nile is a five-reel, 30-line game from IGT centered around three gold obelisks that stand to the left of the reels. The obelisks are marked “Random Wilds,” “Expanded Reels” and “Multiplier Wilds.” There’s a free-spin round triggered by three bonus symbols on the reels, but every time a “magic scarab” symbol lands, one of the obelisks fills in one-third of the way with green, red or blue gems.

As play continues, if an obelisk fills to the top with the designated color, that bonus plays out. When the Random Wilds obelisk fills with green, wild symbols will appear on the reels, often nearly filling them for one very lucrative spin. If red fills the middle obelisk, the reel array will expand for a random number of spins. Blue gems filling the third obelisk causes wild symbols with multipliers to appear on the reels for a spin.

The winning obelisk returns to gold, but progress on the others continues until they are hit.

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Blazing X

Blazing X is a popular casino game by Light & Wonder, the manufacturer formerly known as Scientific Games. This version brings the popular Blazing X feature from the casino version in a five-reel, 40-line online format.

The main Blazing X feature awards a 2X multiplier for three spins in a hold-and-re-spin feature. For every Wild Banner symbol that lands during the three spins, the multiplier increases—3X, 5X, 10X, to a maximum 25X. There’s also a free-spin bonus that incorporates the Blazing X feature, and a picking bonus that can result in a progressive jackpot.

Double Dip Mondays at Caesars Casino offer a $10 bonus for a deposit of at least $25, then enters you in the Caesars’ Choose Your Reward Credits Multiplier. The more you play, the higher the multiplier!

Tricolore 7s

Tricolore 7s from IGT is basically a clone of the slotmaker’s landmark game Red, White & Blue. It’s a classic three-reel, single-line game, which makes it perfect for the high-denomination, high-roller format. Bets range from $5 all the way up to $750.

The top bar and “7” combinations are registered for green, white and red symbols in sequence—the same as red, white and blue symbols in the classic IGT reel-spinner. Any green, white and red symbols in sequence return 20 credits times the bet. A green single bar, white double bar and red triple bar in sequence return 50 credits times the bet.

There are four winning “7” combinations, rising from 80 credits for three of any 7s to increasing amounts for each of the three same-colored 7s, with the top jackpot of 2,500 credits times the bet for green, white and red 7s in sequence.

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Red, White & Blue

Should you prefer the original colors, the IGT classic Red, White & Blue also is available in the High-Roller room. Its features are the same as Tricolore 7s, except the minimum bet here is $1 instead of $5. The credit values of the wins are identical to the above game.

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