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Discover BetMGM’s Virtual Sports

BetMGM offers a wide array of choices, from virtual sports to exclusive table games.

MGM’s online casino certainly offers its share of betting on live sports, but the site also has a rich menu of virtual sports offerings.

Virtual sports offer up digital simulations of a variety of real sports. The concept has been around more than 60 years. The first time a computer was used for a virtual contest was in 1961. Programmer John Burgeson fed player statistics into a random number generator program on an IBM 1620 computer to run a fantasy contest between two baseball teams.

Modern digital technology, of course, provides a much more intense contest, with high-definition graphics presenting an animated contest that plays out much like the real thing. And at sites like BetMGM, you can bet on these virtual games without waiting for kickoff time.

Included are most of the traditional professional sports, along with several forms of virtual racing—horses, dogs, even marbles.

“Virtual sports betting fills the void when you have nothing to bet on,” BetMGM said on the site. “These games are similar to what you’d find with esports events, but the key difference is that these games aren’t played by people. Instead, virtual sports are animated events that are simulated with the help of a Random Number Generator (RNG).”

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How Virtual Sports Work

By programming statistics of various players, horses or whatever other participants of real contests into a computer and applying the laws of probability, developers of virtual sports games are able to calculate odds on various wagers to make before or during a contest.

One of the most popular offerings at BetMGM is virtual motor racing. A race is showcased, normally a virtual Formula 1 event. Players can predict who the winner will be, along with a range of additional betting options.

Betting on virtual motorsports is similar to what you’d find with traditional sports betting. The probability of a specific car winning the event will be based on the odds that are provided. As with real motorsports, the higher the odds for a specific driver, the lower their chances are of winning. However, the higher odds have the best payouts.

“Virtual motorsports races are quick-paced and are over in a few minutes,” the site says. “These races also take place back-to-back. That means that you’ll be exposed to nonstop action for as long as you’d like.”

MGM is one of the most recognized brands in the world of casino entertainment. BetMGM is available to players located in the following states: Indiana, West Virginia, Colorado, Michigan, Iowa, New Jersey, New York, Wyoming, Virginia, Washington DC and Pennsylvania.

BetMGM makes it easy to sign up no matter where you live. When you click the link, the site will redirect you to your state’s sign-up page.

Table Games, Live Dealer Action

In the table-game section of BetMGM, you’ll find a great selection of live-dealer games, as well as a full menu of digital games in which the outcome is determined via random number generator (the same way slot results are determined).

One of the latter selections is a blackjack game that is exclusive to BetMGM.

BetMGM Blackjack Pro is a variant of standard blackjack that features three different side bets. There is the Perfect Pair, Dealer’s Pair, and 21+3. Perfect Pair and 21+3 bets can be placed on the marked betting areas under any of your hands. You can play up to five hands at once to the left or right respectively, and the Dealer’s Pair betting area is near the dealer’s hand.

The Perfect Pair side wager pays if the player’s first two dealt cards are a pair. There are three different payouts—6-for-1 for a “Mixed Pair,” meaning a pair formed by one card each in a different-colored suit; 12-for-1 for a “Colored Pair,” such as a heart and a diamond; and 25-for-1 for a “Perfect Pair,” meaning two of the exact same card from the game’s eight-deck lineup.

The Dealer’s Pair side bet returns the same for each combination in the dealer’s first two cards.

The 21+3 side bet is based on poker. The wager pays when the dealer’s up card and your first two dealt cards form a winning three-card poker hand. Payoffs are made according to a pay schedule. There is 5-for-1 for a flush, 10-for-1 for a straight, 30-for-1 for three of a kind, 40-for-1 for a straight flush, and 100-for-1 for a suited three of a kind.

New customers at BetMGM  start with a risk-free bet, up to $1000. Simply sign up, make a deposit and place your first wager. If the bet loses, you’ll receive the same amount back in free bets.


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