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Esports: Flashpoint 3 Preview

Flashpoint 3 will reunite top-tier CS:GO teams, fighting to qualify for October’s PGL Stockholm Major, and its record-breaking prize pool of $2 million. Here are our picks to win.

Flashpoint was established in 2019 by eight major esports organizations and media company B-Site. Their goal was to create sustainability and profitability for players and team organizations.

It’s back this year with Flashpoint 3, which will reunite top-tier CS:GO teams. They’ll fight for enough Regional Major Ranking (RMR) points to qualify for October’s PGL Stockholm Major, with a record-breaking prize pool of $2 million.

Flashpoint 3 Event Details

This tournament will include a 16-team double-elimination bracket with 11 based on the current RMR standings.

Teams Players
Astralis device, dupreeh, Xyp9x, gla1ve, Magisk
Team Vitality apEX, RpK, ZywOo, shox, misutaaa
Heroic stavn, cadiaN, TeSeS, refrezh, sjuush
Ninjas in Pyjamas REZ, Plopski, nawwk, hampus, ztr
BIG tabseN, tiziaN, XANTARES, syrsoN, k1to
Fnatic KRIMZ, JW, Brollan, Golden, Jackinho
G2 Esports JaCkz, AmaNEk, nexa, huNter-, NiKo
OG Esports Aleksib, valde, ISSAA, mantuu, niko
FunPlus Phoenix zehN, STYKO, maden, farlig, suNny
FaZe Clan rain, coldzera, broky, Twistzz, karrigan
ex-North gade, cajunb, Lekr0, Kristou, grux


Eight worthy opponents secured a spot during the qualifying event in April 13 (from a field of 512 teams), but only five emerged victorious:

  • Anonymo Esports
  • CompLexity
  • Double Poney
  • Mousesports
  • Sprout

 They’ll meet the world’s best from May 10 to May 30 in a double-elimination bracket.

All Flashpoint 3 matches will be played online, with invitations, production, and operations taking place in FACEIT LA Studio to ensure there are no conflicts of interest.

Here’s the overall event schedule, with the main games we’re all waiting for:

Flashpoint Season 3 will be broadcast on their Twitch channel, and don’t worry, you can also catch up with VODs on their YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, follow them on Twitter to keep up with the latest news.

Top Teams in the Flashpoint 3 Tournament

Fortunately for bettors, we already know who’ll play on the first three days of the tournament, Monday, May 10 through Wednesday, May 12. So let’s predict which teams will win then, and also forecast the outcome of the tournament as a whole.

Monday, May 10

  1. Vitality vs. Double Poney (6 p.m. CST): The French teams will have a tight fight, but we have to say Vitality will win this one. While DBL Poney has an impressive 75% win ratio, that’s because they haven’t played as often as other teams. In the case of Vitality, shox, apEX, and RpK have shown high-level performance during previous tournaments.
  2. Astralis vs. OG (9 p.m. CST): If we take their previous match-up from April’s BLAST Spring Showdown, it’s possible to say that OG will win again this time. Every member but niko has played consistently well.

Tuesday, May 11

  1. BIG vs. CompLexity (6 p.m. CST): We predict BIG will win this match, with excellent participation from syrsonN. The team has won four out of five of their latest matches. CompLexity, meanwhile, struggled to win against Sprout and Anonymo, and didn’t win at all in the Closed Qualifier Final against mousesports.
  1. Fnatic vs. mousesports (9 p.m. CST): We predict mousesports will win this one. The Swedish Fnatic has struggled during recent ESL Pro Season 13 matches against pro and Astralis, losing 0-2 in both games.Instead, the German mouses reached first place during the Closed Qualifiers.

Wednesday, May 12

  1. Heroic vs. Sprout (6 p.m. CST): We predict Heroic will win this match. Everyone on the team has played at a strong, medium-to-high level, winning practically all Dreamhack Masters Sprout depends too much on faveN’s performance to stand a chance.
  2. G2 vs. FaZe (9 p.m. CST): A hard one, but still, we have to go for G2 to win this match-up. They recently destroyed mouseesports and Virtus.pro recently with the help of huNter- and NiKo.

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Flashpoint 3 Map Winner Projections

In the case of CS:GO, it’s interesting to see how different the pro teams’ performance can be according to the map they play in. So, while we’re not genies, there’s a pattern in map drafts that anyone can approach to predict how each team will play across different territories.

Our four main map winning projections goes to:

  1. Double Poney (53W : 22L (70.67% map win rate)
  2. Astralis (737W : 2D : 358L (67.27% map win rate)
  3. Team Vitality (378W : 2D : 214L (63.8% map win rate)
  4. Sprout (741W : 426L (63.5% map win ratio)

Flashpoint 3 Pistol Round Winners Prediction

For those who don’t know, each half of every CS:GO match starts with a “pistol round.” While all the 30 rounds (15 offense/15 defense) are always exciting to play or watch, it’s in these first moments when players are often challenged the most.

Which teams have a higher chance to win pistol rounds? Let’s check the Top 4.

  1. FaZe Clan (61% pistol win rate)
  2. Team Vitality (56% pistol win rate)
  3. Astralis (54% pistol win rate)
  4. BIG (53.8% pistol win rate)

Top Players in the Flashpoint 3 Tournament (300)

On every team, there’s always an MVP, who boosts that team’s chances to win. I’ve only considered those from the Closed Qualifier, because they’re the only ones who have displayed their knowledge and skills very recently. It’s always interesting to see what these underdogs are up to. Of course, we can’t judge the top invited because they haven’t played yet.

In my view, these players have performed the best so far in Flashpoint 3:

  • K0nfig (CLG)
  • Nawwk (NiP)
  • huNter- (G2)
  • Ropz (mousesports)
  • KRIMZ (Fnatic)
  • Farlig (FPX)

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