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Game of the Week: DaVinci Diamonds

IGTs DaVinci Diamonds may be a simple slot game, but it’s so popular that the company created three more versions. Here’s why.

Few online slot games are as popular as IGT’s DaVinci Diamonds. It’s not a progressive, but DaVinci Diamonds is so much fun, IGT developed a number of spinoffs to increase the action.

Instead of spinning wheels, DaVinci Diamonds uses “tumbling reels.” As you play, the game symbols simply drop into place. If you win, those symbols on the payline disappear after you’re paid, and more symbols drop into place.

That essentially means your spin continues, and you can win again on the new lineup. If that happens, those symbols disappear and you go again. Though rare, it can set off a cascade of several wins on a single spin—think of Candy Crush or Bejeweled.

The same mechanism is in play during bonus rounds, where you can win free games.

Of course, the game is themed on art and symbols include Renaissance masterworks by Leonardo DaVinci, including the Mona Lisa, along with various gemstones. The game also has wild symbols. Its biggest jackpot comes from lining up five of the game’s logo, which are the wild symbols.

The basic DaVinci Diamonds slot has five reels and 20 paylines, but the various spinoffs expand on that. All use the tumbling-reel feature.

  • In Double DaVinci Diamonds, the amount of paylines is raised to 40. The game also splits some of the portrait art into two portraits, making them worth two symbols on a payline. It’s a nice upgrade of the original.
  • Triple DaVinci Diamonds is still set at 40 paylines, but adds some new and exciting bonus features. The most intriguing is the Spin-crease bonus. Spin-crease works as a meter that over time turns all the portrait symbols into double portraits. Eventually—if you rack up enough points—they become triple symbols. Hit five triple symbols in a row, and you score a major jackpot. Five triple Mona Lisa’s pay 10,000 times your bet, for example.
  • DaVinci Diamonds Masterworks has only 30 paylines, but includes the masterworks bonus feature. While you win free spins as in the other versions, giant portrait symbols can multiply your winnings.

Check it out for yourself:


DaVinci Diamonds
Number of paylines: 20
Number of reels: 5
Volatility: Low

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