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Game of the Week: Looten Khamun

New slot games are always coming online. But it’s the classics that really hold up (and give you the best return). Here’s one of our favorites.

Online slots come in hundreds of themes and variations, many with amazing 3D effects to transport you to worlds of fantasy. New variations come online every day, but a few stand the test of time to become classics.

Take Looten Khamun. This Egyptian-themed slot game gets an A-plus for both entertainment value and return. It’s been offered at BorgataCasino.com since the site went live more than five years ago.

Fewer Bells & Whistles, Plenty of Hits
This progressive from Bwin.party game might seem a little tame at first, with some pretty basic animation (kind of like you’d expect in Saturday-morning cartoons).

Still, a lack of bells and whistles means you can focus on your play. On that score, Looten Khamun’s greatest attribute is that it hits—a lot. Just check out BorgataCasino.com’s archives and you’ll see that a major Looten Khamun jackpot hits nearly every week.

For my money, this game has it all: free spins, a wild symbol and a scatter option. The five-reel game has no paylines, meaning you can line up symbols in all directions. The game has 243 different ways to win on each spin!

Way to Play
The Looten Khamun logo serves as the wild symbol for everything but hieroglyph symbols. Get three scattered hieroglyphs and you trigger the free-spins game. They’ll appear before the character “The Professor” (you know, he’s exploring the tomb) on a special screen and you pick symbols to win free spins.

The real draw of the game is the chance to win one of its progressive jackpots. TheBigOne consists of five jackpots at different levels. Here are the levels, from lowest to highest:

  • Blitz Cash Jackpot
  • Quick Cash Jackpot
  • Super Cash Jackpot
  • Mega Cash Jackpot
  • Colossal Cash Jackpot.

All five grow progressively as bets are made. When the jackpot is triggered, players are taken to the TheBigOne Jackpot screen, which lists jackpots on the left and shows a color wheel on the right. Click the start button to spin the wheel, which changes colors until it stops on one corresponding to one of the five jackpots.

The largest of these jackpots, the BigOne Colossal Cash Jackpot, starts at $125,000 and can easily reach epic proportions. At this writing, BorgataCasino had the jackpot at more than $2.7 million!

Finally, Bwin estimates the return to players on their bets is about 93.69 percent. That makes Looten Khamun a fun and fairly loose game that has the chance of setting you up for life.

So, who’s up for a little Egyptian exploring?

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