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HOW TO PLAY: Online Poker

Whether you play online or live in a casino, poker requires skill. But, the best players never stop learning.

It’s the various plays, the different combinations, and the variety of players that keep the game interesting. Many different types of poker games exist, but the most common in-casino games are seven-card stud and Texas Hold ‘em.

The following overview will help you get started playing online poker—but, be sure to check out the rules for individual casinos’ games to make the most out of each game.

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Online Poker vs. Live Poker
The basics of poker are the same whether you play online or live, and a player’s skill usually translates from one to the other. However, there are a few differences:

  • Bet sizing is often lower in online games.
  • Multiple tables can be played at once.
  • Online play tends to be looser—meaning players call more often, especially with weak or medium hands.
  • The pace of the game differs greatly between online and live play. Online poker is considerably faster than live poker (many accustomed to online play may find live games to be tedious).
  • Physical tells and table talk are nonexistent in online poker—but, online tells exist. Screen names, behaviors and betting patterns offer clues to your opponents.

Free Play Overview
Most online casinos offer deposit matches, sign-up bonuses, or other promotions—usually for new players.

Some promotions are ongoing, while others are one-time. Be sure to check out what each individual casino is offering.

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