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iGaming Sites Offer a Variety of Special Promos—Here’s How to Find Them


Savvy online casino players know that the best way to get value for their betting is to look for promotions offering bonus dollars. The requirements to release bonuses may differ from site to site, but bonus dollars are still generally free money to bet with and, hopefully, hit a few jackpots.

Some sites change their bonus offers several times a week while others stay with a steadier “daily plays” approach. These can be great offers, but for those players that look around more, there are a lot of other offers that are always in play.

One promotion type out there gives bonuses for choosing specific payment options on the site. At all casino sites, players have to choose between credit cards, payment services like PayPal and other ways to add money to their accounts. This choice can also be used to take in a few bonuses.

For example, GoldenNuggetCasino.com has a Play+ feature that allows for direct transfers to your account plus money back on credits and debit deposits. You get a $10 bonus when you enter.

Several sites offer payment plans, but the bonuses are usually attached when a new type of payment method comes online.

Some sites also use some interesting techniques to keep bonuses flowing. VirginCasino.com and TropicanaCasino.com, for example, offer community jackpot features. At both sites, special slots games are marked for the community jackpot. If someone hits that jackpot, everyone who was playing on the sites in the last hour before the hit receives a share of the community jackpot.

The size of your share is dependent on your loyalty level and how much you’ve played. Still, it’s bonus money just for being signed on when someone got lucky.

Another great way to get some steady bonuses is to look for free-play options. Several sites offer free spins on bonus wheels and other bonus features.

PalaCasino.com is the easy leader in this department, offering a free daily spin on its $1 million wheel to players. It’s not a $1 million or nothing deal, however, as you’re much more likely to hit a smaller bonus. Add in numerous promotions that allow you to earn extra spins and it’s a great way to start your session.

So, there’s just a few ways to look for extra bonus dollars. To keep track of all the promotions out there, check out sportsquare.com’s Promotions page.

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