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Is Winning the Lottery on Your Wish List?

Every winning lottery ticket depends on the luck of the draw, but this holiday season, the Pennsylvania Lottery is making it easier for you to play more often. And that means more chances to win the lottery, every day.

Second-chance drawings. Special bonuses and promotions. And great big growing jackpots. That’s what you’ll find this holiday gift-giving season at the Pennsylvania Lottery—Palottery.com.

While every win depends on the luck of the draw, now through January 3, the lottery is making it easier for you to play more often. That means more chances to win, every day of the week.

Even Santa’s sleigh doesn’t come with a haul like this one. Let’s see what’s waiting for Pennsylvania Lottery players right now:

  • $50 Bonus. Through Saturday, December 20, add a $50 Bonus to your First Deposit as well as a Risk-Free $10 Bet.
  • 200% Deposit Bonus Up to $200! From Thursday, December 24 to Saturday, January 2, double your fun with a 200% Deposit Bonus up to $200. Just deposit $100, and you’ll get $200 in Bonus Money.
  • PA Lottery Millionaire Raffle. Tickets are available through Saturday, January 2 at 8 p.m. (unless they sell out sooner). Four lucky winners will each take home $1 million. Guaranteed! There will be $800,000 in additional prizes, too. Eight Weekly Drawings will each award one prize of $100,000. The Final Drawing will award more than $5 Million in prizes!
  • $100,000 Wish-List Second-Chance Drawing. This holiday season, submit any non-winning holiday-themed ticket into the “Naughty List” or “Nice List” Scratch-Off Drawing! Each ticket will award one entry for every $1 in purchase price. Each ticket must be purchased between November 20 and the entry deadline of Thursday, January 7. Try your luck and start today!

Don’t forget that jackpots continue to grow in the Powerball and Mega Millions lottery games. Remember, these are national lotteries, with fixed odds of winning. When those jackpot totals start to climb, millions of people start to play, and though your chances to win drop accordingly, those big, life-changing wins do happen, to people just like you.

The next drawings will be held as follows:

  • Mega Millions: Friday, December 18 and Tuesday, December 22
  • Powerball: Saturday, December 19 and Wednesday, December 23

Want to Win the Lottery? Here Are A Few Tips to Tip the Scales

If you’re going to bet your hard-earned money to play the lottery, why not increase your odds of winning? While no one is guaranteed a win, here are a few tips that can increase your odds:

  • Play less popular games. With fewer people playing, your odds will automatically be higher.
  • Play scratch-offs. They usually offer modest prizes but have higher chances of winning overall.
  • Don’t play the numbers of your birthday, your anniversary, or some other significant date. Everybody does it, which means a bigger pool of players choosing calendar numbers (from 1 to 31). And if that type of number wins, you’ll likely have to split the prize with more players. By selecting higher numbers, you automatically boost the odds for a bigger win.
  • Join a lottery pool—or start one, with friends or co-workers. Do the math. If you spend $10 at $2 per game, you’ve got five chances to win. If you throw $10 into a pool of 100 people, you’ve got 500 chances! Your stake is lower, and your take may also be lower, but your odds just increased a hundredfold.
  • Take a second chance, like the one listed above! Many lotteries, including the Pennsylvania Lottery, offer second-chance drawings on non-winning tickets, along with special games, giveaways and promotions.

As always, stay comfortably and responsibly within your budget. It makes playing the lottery a lot more fun.

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