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KamaGames, Hard Rock Partner on Social Games

KamaGames has launched an alliance with Hard Rock International to produce social casino games the first of which will be a mobile game suite titled Hard Rock Blackjack (l.).

KamaGames, the largest European social casino operator, announced the launch of a new app in partnership with the iconic global brand Hard Rock International. The new app, titled Hard Rock Blackjack, contains the most popular casino-style games in the KamaGames portfolio.

The standout feature of Hard Rock Blackjack is the inclusion of high-caliber, 3D versions of classic casino table games including roulette, craps, baccarat and of course, the core title within the app, blackjack. In addition, the app will include a number of other casino-style games such as slots and video poker, familiar to even the most casual of players.

Hard Rock Blackjack also includes a fully comprehensive and market-leading social poker game based on the Pokerist Texas Poker model, currently the third-largest social poker game in the world. In addition to the popular Texas Hold ‘em Poker, and a number of other poker-based titles including fan favorites Set Poker and Split Bet Poker.

As well as the strong line up of social casino games, Hard Rock Blackjack will also play host to a range of competitive poker tournaments including Sit’n’Go, Shootout, multi-table tournaments (MTT) and weekly tournaments, all of which have experienced longstanding success among KamaGames’ existing user base, a success that both KamaGames and Hard Rock International anticipate to be replicated among the millions of Hard Rock International customers.

Alongside tournaments, the app offers unique “Party” modes and poker game variations for players of every skill level as well as providing a host of different ways to encourage a feeling of community. Social interaction between players will be made possible via a range of creative chat options such as in-game instant messenger, animated emojis and the ability to send gifts back and forth throughout the many highs and lows of a game.

“We are excited to announce this partnership and the release of the highly sophisticated Hard Rock Blackjack app, a perfect expansion of our free-to-play games portfolio and a major draw for both current and new Hard Rock customers,” said Kresimir Spajic, Hard Rock’s senior vice president of online gaming and sports betting. “The exciting table games, multi-player functionality and availability in 28 different languages will empower us to stay regularly connected with our guests in a new and creative way between visits to our cafes, hotels and casinos around the world.

“Hard Rock has seen positive results leveraging free2play mobile games to extend the legendary experience guests have come to expect from the 262 Hard Rock venues around the world into a digital format to both deepen relationships and drive incremental brand engagement both online and at our real-world venues.

“Partnering with KamaGames and their industry-leading technology in the social casino space gives us the opportunity to amplify the reach of our social casino portfolio with best-in-class casino gameplay and global availability.”

KamaGames CEO Andrey Kuznetsov said, “For KamaGames, this partnership holds an unparalleled opportunity for growth. Using our expertise, which has been honed over many years in the social casino industry, we are confident that we have created a product that will offer true entertainment value for Hard Rock International customers. KamaGames is very proud of the product we’ve brought to the market with Pokerist Texas Poker and are happy to share this technology with Hard Rock to provide their loyal customers with a high-quality product which will give them even more opportunities to interact and engage with Hard Rock’s iconic, globally recognized brand, leading to a continued positive relationship and greater brand loyalty.”

The partnership between KamaGames and Hard Rock International is expected to generate a variety of cross-promotional campaigns and projects, as well as incorporating even more new slots, game modes, tournaments and events into the app.

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