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Leaderboards Offer More Ways to Win Online


One of the great thrills of playing at online casinos is winning—kind of goes without saying, we know. But there are more ways to win at New Jersey’s online gambling sites than just hitting a jackpot or winning a poker hand.

There’s winning a lot of jackpots or poker hands and then comparing your totals against everyone else who plays at the site. The higher you score against your fellow players, the more bonus dollars and prizes you win.

We’re talking about leaderboards, which are a popular and constant promotional tool used by online gaming sites.

For example, at WSOP.com, you can currently compete in three—count ’em three—different leaderboard promotions. There’s a leaderboard promotion for playing Sit & Go tournaments, for playing multi-table formats and for earning player rewards points.

A leaderboard tracks your play for a period of a time—usually a week or a month. Let’s look at the Sit & Go leaderboard example. Each week WSOP tracks your play at Sit & go Tables (a single table tournament). You earn leaderboard points for the number of tournaments you play and how high you finish.

The higher you finish on the leaderboard, the more bonus money you win. WSOP.com pays depending on the stakes of the tournaments you choose. It breaks down as:

Low Limit ($5 and below) – $515 in weekly prizes

Mid Limit ($20 and below) – $1,015 in weekly prizes

High Limit ($25 and above) – $1,515 in weekly prizes:

Not bad if you like to play a lot anyway.

BorgataPoker.com also offers up leaderboard promotions including Sit & Go leaderboards. You can also find the Sit & Go leaderboards at Borgata’s partner PartyPoker.

But BorgataPoker.com goes one better every month by offering a leaderboard for all tournament play. The top 10 finishers win entries into live Borgata Poker events held in Atlantic City or online events such as the Sunday $40K online tournament. A total of 50 players win prizes, including bonus cash for playing online.

PokerStars New Jersey also offers a multi-table games leaderboard and that officially makes the leaderboard format a big winner at New Jersey’s poker sites.

But leaderboard promotions also pop up at casino game sites. Betfair.com, for example, recently finished up a $10,000 leaderboard—the second it offered this spring. Players earned points for every dollar they wagered and then the top 20 players split the $10K in site credits. The top winner got $2,000 to wager for free at Betfair.

That’s a pretty sweet deal for playing the games you were going to play anyway. And all you have to do is keep track of leaderboard deals listed on our Promotions page, enter them, play and rack up the points—and the prizes.

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