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Massachusetts Casino to Offer Drive-Through Betting

Massachusetts’s Plainridge Park Casino is opening two drive-through lanes to make it easier for customers to bet on the races. Many like to drop by the casino, place a bet and leave. This will enable them to do.

Plainridge Park Casino in has opened drive-through betting in the parking lot to accommodate the many fans who want to stop at the casino, place a bet on a favorite horse, and leave.

The management at the casino explained that the two drive-through lanes would allow for transactions that would be safer in terms of the Covid-19 situation. There will also be walk up windows in the parking lot.

Steve O’Toole, director of racing at Plainridge Park, told the Massachusetts Gaming Commission on September 3, “The place gets pretty crowded. But what a lot of it is a lot of foot traffic. A lot of people come in, make their bets, go home and watch the races, especially with the afternoon coverage of all the stakes races. So in order to try to accomplish this with the Covid situation this year, we thought that a drive-thru and walk-up windows would keep people out of the building, keep them out in the fresh air, and be able to handle that as well as keeping the inside building to more of our seasoned customers that are here all the time and want to be in the building.”

Tellers are able to process the wagers on tablets attached to their wrists and print betting receipts. Despite all of this happening in the out-of-doors, masks will still be required for all.

During the meeting MGC Chairwoman Cathy Judd-Stein observed, “But I just want to remind the public and all of us that there is mobile betting allowed from your home if you set up the established account, for horse racing. And that’s been around for a long, long time.”

Meanwhile, an arcade based in the Bay State, in Salem, Bit Bar (aka Boston Bit Labs, Inc.) has sued Governor Charlie Baker because it is still closed under his reopening plan when casinos are operating. The business claims there is little to differentiate between an arcade and a casino and that the two should be treated the same.

The lawsuit accuses the state of violating its First and 14th Amendment rights.

The lawsuit states: “Governor Baker reiterated that arcades would be part of Phase 3 in an order of June 6, 2020,” adding “Suddenly, and without warning, explanation, or due process, on July 2, 2020, Governor Baker ordered that Phase III enterprises may reopen beginning July 1, 2020, but shunted arcades to Phase 4. Casinos, however, were permitted to remain in Phase 3.”

Arcades, along with theme parks and amusement parks, are allowed to reopen under Phase 4 of the plan.

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