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MGM Grand to Debut First Free-Roam Virtual Reality Arena in Vegas


Las Vegas’ first multi-player free-roam virtual reality experience will debut September 8 inside LEVEL UP, the tech-savvy gaming lounge at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.

The arena, Virtual Reality Powered by Zero Latency, will immerse up to eight players in a completely interactive digital universe, allowing them to physically navigate considerable distances in the 2,000-square-foot arena while collaborating with other players in heart-racing challenges.

Tim Ruse, CEO of Zero Latency, a leader in location-based, free-roam VR entertainment, said in news release, “When it comes to playing games, and exploring new worlds in virtual reality, more people means more fun. Technology can often be isolating, but we are determined to continue to design games and experiences that bring people together to have mind-blowing VR adventures and forge real memories that can last a lifetime. We’re excited to bring this experience to Las Vegas, our first West Coast location.”

Teams can choose from three different games for a 30-minute experience, including:

  • Zombie Survival – Trapped in a zombie apocalypse, survivors are armed with a comprehensive arsenal of weapons and must band together to take down wave after wave of zombies and rebuild safety barriers before extraction by the rescue team.
  • Singularity – Something has gone wrong in a secretive military research space station. While investigating the mystery, teams must battle rogue robots and killer drones through narrow corridors and the zero-gravity environment of space.
  • Engineerium – This puzzle adventure is set in a fantastical world with flying whales, giant parrots and colorful creatures. Players of all ages are challenged to solve physics-based problems as a team to advance along floating platforms high above the exotic planet below.

Featuring an open space with no obstacles, the arena enables teams to freely explore the virtual environment together. Wireless goggles, wearable computers and perfectly weighted, custom-made simulated weapons make the adventure even more realistic. While battling through the simulation, teammates will see each other as full-motion avatars and stay in constant communication to strategize and compete for the highest score. The success of each play-through is measured by a personal score and a team score.

The VR technology complements LEVEL UP’s collection of new-to-market skill-based games and traditional favorites.

“We were looking to bring a unique entertainment element to MGM Grand and found the perfect fit with Zero Latency. This company creates virtual reality gaming experiences using astounding technology,” said Scott Sibella, president and COO of MGM Grand. “There is simply nothing like this anywhere in Las Vegas and we’re proud that MGM Grand is the first in the city to roll out an exciting and fun virtual ‘wow moment’ for our guests.”

The first Zero Latency arena debuted in 2015 in Melbourne, Australia, to six-weeklong waiting lists. Since then, nine additional Zero Latency-powered arenas have opened across four continents.

Reservations to experience Virtual Reality Powered by Zero Latency at LEVEL UP inside MGM Grand will be available starting September 8.

Visit MGM Grand online for more information.

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