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MGM Springfield Will Offer Free Garage Parking


The MGM Springfield Casino has announced that its parking garage will be open for free to both patrons and members of the public. The seven-story garage is nearing completion to coincide with the planned August 24 opening of the$960 million casino.

A spokesman for MGM, Saverio Mancini, responding to questions from the media said, “With less than 50 days until our grand opening, it’s an exciting time for downtown Springfield. In the coming weeks, we look forward to providing the public the details about how to access our property, including our free parking.” The parking structure has about 3,400 spaces.

The building of the casino in the city’s South End complicated parking for residents and commuters in the area by depriving them of 500 existing parking spaces.

It is not uncommon for casinos in Las Vegas, and elsewhere to charge for casino parking. In fact, MGM Resorts began charging for parking in Las Vegas in 2016.This led the way for competitors such as Caesars Entertainment, Wynn Resorts and the Cosmopolitan to follow suit.


Encore Boston Harbor

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission, which is being sued by a former part owner of land that Wynn Resorts purchased for what was then called Wynn Boston Harbor, and is now called the Encore Boston Harbor, has asked the court to include Wynn as a third-party defendant.

The lawsuit involves FBT Everett Realty LLC, which formerly owned the 30 acres that Wynn purchased for casino. It was forced by Wynn to lower its asking price after allegations arose (later proven false) that one of the principals of the LLC was a convicted felon, Charles Lightbody. FBT alleges that Wynn promised it would make the company whole with an under the table payment that never materialized. Having lost out with Wynn, FBT is trying its luck with the MGC.

Although the commission believes it is likely to win the lawsuit, it wants Wynn to pay if it loses. The price FBT had asked for was $75 million, the price that Wynn paid was $35 million. FBT is demanding the difference.

The commission argues that if FBT wins the lawsuit, and MGC is forced to pay the difference, the casino company would be unfairly enriched.

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