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Michigan Lottery: Level Up to $50K Grand Prize

The Michigan Lottery continues to be an innovator for online and is offering up some great games and promotions for May. Check ’em out right here!

Michigan LotteryWant to win some scratch without scratching off? Check out the Michigan Lottery’s online games and promos for May.

First up? Level Up, which awards prizes based on how many Michigan residents play online lottery games. The game runs through May 28. It started with a $20,000 top prize, but every time 1,000 unique Michigan residents play online lottery games, the grand prize will increase $1,000 up to a total of $50,000. Each week, the lottery is also giving away a $100 online bonus credit to 25 players.

Prizes—including the grand prize—are awarded by special drawings. To enter, just opt in and play the featured game of the day. You can also keep track of how many entries you earn.

The Michigan Lottery also offers a Daily Spin to Win. Every day you sign into the site, take your daily spin for a chance to In-Store or Online free play, or up to 1000 giveaway entries a day. In-store Free Play prizes and coupons can be redeemed at any Michigan Lottery retailer. Online free play is credited to your account.

Other prizes include deposit bonuses and play and earn deals. Once a month, a $5,000 cash prize is also awarded.

Another popular promotion is the Let’s Play Giveaway. Just play the featured games to be automatically entered. At the end of each month, one player will win $5,000 Cash and 50 players will win a $100 In-Store Free Play coupon.

As for games, the Michigan Lottery offers up five types. They include:

  • Instant games. These fun online games usually require matching symbols on a game board to win. Much like lottery scratchers.
  • Draw games. Traditional lottery draws including Mega Millions and Powerball. Games are offered through live lottery retail sites.
  • Fast Cash. Progressive jackpot games offered through live retail sites.
  • Pull Tab. Traditional scratchers played at retail sites.
  • Keno. Play keno online or at retail sites. Quick action and a lot of fun.

For online players, instant games are the lotteries’ main online offering. The lottery has about 70 different games with titles ranging from “Cosmic Expander” to “Cowboy Cash Roundup.” Online keno games include “Fuzzball Keno” and “Instant Keno.”

You haven’t really played an online lottery until you’ve matched some steer heads on “Cowboy Cash Roundup” at the Michigan Lottery. Yee-ha! Get started at michiganlottery.com.

Play today at Knowing your limits is always the best bet. Have a gambling problem? Call 1-800-gambler or visit 800gambler.org.

Win Bigger with this Tip:

Do you play Michigan Classic 47? You may win bigger if you include higher-level numbers. Most lottery players play calendar dates—a child’s birthday, an anniversary, etc., so the most frequently selected numbers are 1 through 31. If you win with the most popular numbers, you may be splitting the jackpot with a lot of other winners. Include a few numbers between 32 and 47. You may not increase your odds of winning, but if you do win, you could bag a bigger jackpot.

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