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MLB’s Crazy Covid Season: Adjust, But Play

To get through this truncated Major League Baseball season without too much grumbling, let’s realize we’re lucky to have any season at all. Let’s make the best of it.

We’ll figure it out.

That’s the pragmatic way to view baseball in the age of Covid, which has caused more than 30 postponements and concerns about an unbalanced schedule.

Most affected: the St. Louis Cardinals, who, at one point, had played 15 fewer games than some other teams. It’ll require a slew of seven-inning doubleheaders and the elimination of off-days for them to nearly catch up.

Yes, that’s a problem for the Cards, but some perspective here.

Baseball’s lucky to be back, period. Every day that’s completed is a victory for the sportsbooks, the national psyche and the players who are drawing pro-rated salaries. It’s important to the continuity of the sport that the season is completed.

By the end of this week, barring postponements, some teams will have played half their scheduled 60 games already. How long ago did that look even remotely possible?

There are going to be imperfections this year. There will be potential unbalanced schedules, and probably plenty of complaints when it’s all over.

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The Covid Trophy?

But if you look at the comeback as a three-month Covid Cup tournament rather than a baseball season, it has a different feeling.

So go with it. The fans are cutouts. Some of the cutouts in the stands are dogs. One cutout actually got hit in the first weekend of the season, creating a viral laugh.

Some potential scenarios: there could be a proposal to make winning percentage the determining factor in deciding playoff spots. And that likely would happen in a scheduling disparity.

But let’s get there first.

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Coupla Betting Tips:

  • Know the importance of No. 7. That’s not a pass-line winner at the craps table. When you see it on the over-under totals, it usually means the game is seven innings. That’s something that may confuse bettors, because baseball has been a nine-inning game forever, until now. The apps weren’t designed to denote different contest lengths, so bettor beware.

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