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New Games: Spin & Win Roulette, Dragon Bonus Baccarat

Playtech and PokerStars have launched a bonus version of online Live Roulette, now exclusive in New Jersey. And check out a new online version of Shuffle Master’s baccarat variant Dragon Bonus Baccarat.

Spin & Win Roulette
Playtech, PokerStars

Online gaming content giant Playtech, which officially entered the New Jersey iGaming market this month through the Bet365 gaming site, has teamed with another online gaming giant, PokerStars, to launch an exclusive bonus variant of its Live Roulette offering. It allows players to wager on live roulette games, broadcast directly from the Playtech Live Gaming studio in Riga, Latvia.

Spin & Win is live roulette with multipliers applied to every straight-up position on the roulette layout. It’s built around visually compelling augmented reality technology, for an engaging play experience.

Similar roulette games assign multipliers to one or a few numbers every spin, so when the player bets on a number and bets the side bet to qualify for a multiplier, winning means hoping the multiplier happens to land on the position wagered. Spin & Win assigns multipliers to every position on every spin, ranging from 2X all the way up to 100X.

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“Delivering an innovative, engaging experience is always our top priority when developing new content,” said Kevin Kilminster, head of innovation at Playtech Live, “and in Spin & Win, we’re confident we’ve delivered a combination of exciting game play and great win potential. With every straight-up position multiplied, players no longer have to wait to see if the stars align with single number multipliers, giving the game an even more compelling feel for all.

“We’ve been working closely with PokerStars to build their exclusive offering, including a series of new dedicated blackjack tables, and Spin & Win Roulette is a key step in our ongoing partnership. 2019 was Playtech’s busiest ever year for new Live Casino releases, and we’re delighted to be continuing that trend this year.”

The new Spin & Win game is the latest addition to the PokerStars dedicated multi-table environment at Playtech’s flagship Live studio in Riga, sitting alongside nine exclusive blackjack tables.

Playtech officials say they expect to launch with more New Jersey iGaming operators in the near future.

Dragon Bonus Baccarat
SG Digital

This online version of Shuffle Master’s baccarat variant Dragon Bonus Baccarat plays like the live version, in which two hands (Player and Banker) compete, with the closest total to nine winning. The Player bet and Banker bet both pay 1-to-1; the tie bet pays 8-to-1.

The player can also place a side bet on the Dragon Bonus Player Bet or Dragon Bonus Banker Bet. All wins on the Banker Bet are charged a 5 percent commission.

The Dragon Bonus side bet will pay out if the hand wins with a Natural 8 or Natural 9, or with a non-natural hand by a large margin, according to the following pay table:

Hand                                    Pays
Non-Natural win by 9          30:1
Non-Natural win by 8          10:1
Non-Natural win by 7          6:1
Non-Natural win by 6          4:1
Non-Natural win by 5          2:1
Non-Natural win by 4          1:1
Natural Win                           1:1
Natural Tie                             PUSH

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Dragon Bonus Baccarat: Baccarat game with side bet
Available Bets: .20 per bet area to 100.00 per bet area
Payback Percentage
Player Bet: 98.76%
Banker Bet: 98.94%
Tie Bet: 85.64%
Dragon Bonus Player Bet: 97.35%
Dragon Bonus Banker Bet: 90.63%
Top Award: $3,300

Check out a video demo here.

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