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New York Will Take Raffle Sales Online


Legalized online raffles are giving New Yorkers a way to gamble online.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Charitable Gaming Act into law in December, which authorizes online raffle ticket sales, according to Online Poker Report.

Under the new law, charities will find it easier to hold raffles. In many of the raffles, referred to as 50/50s, half of the money in the pool goes to the charitable organization holding the raffle, and the other half goes to the raffle winner.

“No matter how you slice it, it’s clearly a form of gambling,” says Online Poker Report.

These types of raffles, common throughout the U.S. and Canada, often at professional sports events, can shell out thousands of dollars to winners. In the past, tickets had to be purchased in person, but that will no longer be necessary under the new law. The NHL’s Buffalo Sabres foundation led the push for online raffle sales.

The new law takes effect in mid 2018, when charities can advertise raffles online and sell tickets online, which can be purchased via debit or credit card.

According to Online Poker Report, the New York State Gaming Commission has yet to work out issues of how online raffles will enforce age or location requirements for online ticket sales.

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