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Online Gambling Offers a Safe, Controlled Place to Play


The instant 24/7 access to casinos that iGaming offers may seem like something that could easily get out of control. But, playing online actually gives players more control, say executives at Rush Street Interactive’s PlaySugarHouse.com.

PlaySugarHouse.com and other online gambling sites let players adjust their responsible gaming settings and set individual limits for themselves. Limits can be placed on how much is deposited and the time spent playing daily or weekly.

“We believe in giving our player the control of their own play,” says Richard Schwartz, president of Rush Street Interactive.

“By offering this functionality to each player, we believe that they’ll find that having a casino at their fingertips which lets them control when they play and how much they spend, is healthier and more enjoyable. We like to see that players are using our responsible gaming features to set their own limits according to their budgets or time constraints to enjoy the experience to the fullest.”

The site tracks all online play. Players can simply check their play history and it will be 100% accurate, showing what they’ve won and lost to date. This can help players make informed decisions about their spending.

“When a player just needs a break, we offer simple steps a player can take for self-suspension,” says Mattias Stetz, COO of Rush street Interactive. “Profits result from the length of the client relationship. We want players to last for a lifetime, not overspend and never return.”

PlaySugarHouse.com carefully monitors players’ journeys, and will guide customers to the safety tools, including temporary self-exclusion, if needed.

“Our site is ultimately for our customers to have fun,” says Stetz. “Rush Street Interactive believes in being responsible gaming operators. When players feel secure and choose to stay as loyal customers, this creates greater revenues in the long term.”

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