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Online Slot Review: Great Guardians, Jade Wins

Can’t get to the casino, or not ready to return? Have a blast playing with these entertaining online slot games: Great Guardians by Konami, and Jade Wins from AGS.

Great Guardians

This game features a quartet of mythological Asian creatures: the Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger and Black Tortoise, which, according to legend, represent the land, the colors of the environment, the seasons and the elements. Asian symbols of good fortune and prosperity are also front and center in the game, from top manufacturer Konami.

Great Guardians features Konami’s “Action Stacked Symbols,” clusters of symbols stacked adjacently to result in big wins on random spins. The base game is available to operators in configurations of 10, 20 30 or 40 paylines, presented on a standard three-by-five reel array (five reels, three symbols per reel).

In the random Action Stacked Symbols feature, a number of adjacent symbols are randomly replaced before each reel spin.

Also randomly during the primary game, a “Mystery Multiplier” feature replaces positions with multipliers that can range up to 125X in winning combinations. Multipliers are applied to the Firebird, Dragon, Tiger or Turtle symbols, and all multipliers appearing after the reels stop will be multiplied together for potentially huge wins.

Three, four or five Yin-Yang symbols trigger 10, 12 or 25 free games, respectively. Six or more Yin-Yang symbols trigger a whopping 100 free games. The Mystery Multiplier feature is active during all free games, which means any given free-spin session can be quite lucrative.

Want to get a look at Great Guardians? Here’s a video clip:

 Great Guardians: Five-reel slot with 10, 20, 30 or 40 paylines; multiplier and free-spin bonus features
Denomination: .01, .02, .05, .10, .25, .50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00
Max Bet: 200
Payback Percentage: 82%-96%
Hit Frequency: 35%
Top Jackpot: 7,500 credits times line bet

The rewards just keep coming at ResortsCasino.com. As you play, you’ll earn Rewards Points that are convertible to cash you can withdraw or use to bet again. Your call!

Jade Wins

This game reprises the lucky “Fu Baby” characters from the AGS hit game Fu Nan Fu Nu in an Asian-themed slot featuring a four-level linked progressive jackpot.

The base game is a “ways-to-win” configuration. That means there are no paylines, and wins are accomplished through adjacent symbols on the screen. In this game’s configuration, five reels with three symbols per reel, there are 243 possible ways to win on each spin.

There are two bonus features. Three or more bonus symbols or wild symbols on consecutive reels trigger 10 free games. Free games can be triggered during any free spin for an additional 10 free games.

There is a random Progressive Pick Bonus that leads to a guaranteed progressive jackpot. Randomly triggered any time a wild symbol lands on the reels during the base game, the picking bonus presents a screen of gold coins, which hide Fu Baby symbols corresponding with each of the four progressives—Mini, Minor, Major and Grand. The player picks until revealing three matching Fu Baby symbols to win the corresponding jackpot.

The Mini progressive jackpot resets at $50; the Minor, at $125; the Major, at $4,000; and the top Grand jackpot at $50,000.

Get a look at Jade Wins in this mini-clip:

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Jade Wins: Five-reel, 243-ways-to-win slot; four-level progressive jackpot; progressive picking bonus and free-spin bonus
Denomination: .01
Max Bet: 880
Payback Percentage: 96.05%
Hit Frequency: Approximately 35%
Top Jackpot: Progressive; $50,000 reset


  • “Payback percentage”—also known as return to player or RTP—refers to the percentage of wagers that are returned to all players over the active life of a game. A 94 percent payback percentage does not mean you will get 94 percent of your money returned to you every time. It means there is a 6 percent house edge on the game. (Even a 100 percent payback doesn’t guarantee you’ll win—it means there’s no house edge. It’s like the flip of a coin.) Manufacturers offer operators a range of percentages, and it’s up to the operator to pick which to offer players.
  • “Hit frequency” refers to the percentage of all spins that will result in a win of some kind. Remember that these wins can often be less than your bet. (If that happens too often, you should find another game!) Some manufacturers don’t provide this statistic; in this case, we estimate based on the volatility of the game program
  • “Volatility” refers to the manner in which wins are distributed on a slot machine. Low volatility means there will be lots of little hits, with wins of some kind very frequently (again, watch for too many wins less than your bet). High volatility means the hits are fewer and farther between, but there are many more huge wins—the kind that can turn a losing session into a winning session.
  • “Ways to Win” refers to a game in which there are no paylines. In this style of game, adjacent like symbols on the screen register wins, and the number of spots on the entire reel set determines how many ways the player can possibly win on each spin.
  • “Cost to cover” refers to the level of wager required to activate all the paylines on a screen. The good advice was always to wager enough to activate all the paylines, but these days, most games use this figure as a minimum bet. (Too many people were betting a penny on a penny game in the past.)
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