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PA Bill Would Divert Sports Betting Funds to Tax Relief

A bill introduced by Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano (l.) would divert revenue from sports betting to property tax relief for homeowners suffering financially due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A bill introduced in the Pennsylvania state Senate would divert sports betting revenue to a property tax relief fund designed to aid citizens suffering financially due to the shutdown of businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The legislation, sponsored by Senator Doug Mastriano, would divert Pennsylvania’s sports betting taxes—at 36 percent of revenues, the highest in the nation—temporarily to the Property Tax Relief Fund. The fund is normally replenished by a portion of all casino taxes, but sports betting revenues are, by law, funneled to the state’s General Fund.

“Pennsylvania homeowners already face high property taxes, and the Covid-19 pandemic will only worsen that reality,” Mastriano said, according to Legal Sports Report. “With a mandated shutdown of businesses that are not ‘life-sustaining,’ many Pennsylvania families find themselves out of work with no income, and have voiced concern about paying their property taxes.”

“All sports wagering authorization fees, manufacturer license fees, manufacturer renewal fees and all fees for licenses issued under Chapter 16, and all money collected by the board for violations of this subchapter shall be deposited into the Property Tax Relief Fund,” according to the bill.

The diversion of sports betting funds under the measure would last through June 30.

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