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Paddy Power Ordered to Pull Ad


The UK Advertising Standards Authority has ordered bookmaker Paddy Power to stop running an advertisement that suggests gambling online while at work.

The ad generated two complaints and features a casino security guard singing “Papa Loves Mambo” as he plays at Paddy Power Casino on a mobile device.

Paddy Power defended the ad saying the casino guard clearly states that he’s on a break. Paddy Power also said the ad “deliberately” showed the guard turn from his screen to indicate that he was no longer working.

The authority noted that there is an exception to the ASA code which allows featuring gambling in a working environment in cases featuring licensed gambling premises. But the authority said “the exception did not extend to allowing the depiction of licensed premises staff gambling in their own working environment.”

The authority ruled the ad broke two advertising codes by condoning gambling in working environments and also encouraging gambling behavior that is socially irresponsible or could lead to financial, social or emotional harm.

The authority ordered that Paddy Power to cease broadcasting the ad and ensure that future ads don’t feature gambling in a working environment.

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