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Pennsylvania Lottery adds keno, plans virtual sports betting, new app


The Pennsylvania Lottery has debuted its first remote game: keno.

The game is now available at hundreds of food, beverage and retail locations in the state through video monitors, according to Online Poker Report. Pennsylvania’s expanded gambling law is authorizing the state to offer the game through land-based and electronic platforms, which the state is extending to retailers.

In keno, players can choose up to 10 numbers from an 80-square grid, and a computer randomly draws 20 numbers. Payouts are based on how many squares the player matches. The games run every four minutes.

The first drawing took place May 1, making Pennsylvania the 18th state to offer keno through its lottery.

In the next few months, Pennsylvania Lottery will begin offering virtual sports betting. The games will be called Xpress Sports and provided via Inspired Entertainment.

Virtual football games and racing events are expected to be the first offered, and they will be available at the retailers offering keno. Virtual sports betting games are digitally simulated sporting events that operators broadcast every few minutes. Random number generators determine the game’s outcome.

The lottery is also planning to launch an iLottery app in the next couple of months that will allow for on-the-go play. The app will include 15 to 20 games.

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