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Play DFS for the Super Bowl

Even though the NFL Championship is only one game, Daily Fantasy Sites still offer fantasy games and big prizes on Super Bowl Sunday.

Regular players of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) know that, even though the NFL championship is a single game, there’s still the chance to play a fantasy line-up on Super Bowl Sunday. For those who regularly play DFS with a full schedule of NFL regular season games to choose from, that might come as a surprise.

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The DFS giants figured out ways to play DFS for single games a few years back, and both FanDuel and DraftKings are continuing that by offering Super Bowl contests with big cash prizes when the San Francisco 49ers play the Kansas City Chiefs in Miami on February 2. There are other options available at smaller DFS sites, so carefully check the scoring rules at any site you play.

The key, however, is that DFS players are picking from a much smaller roster of players—only two teams—and will likely pick many of the same guys. It’s hard to imagine, for example, that many players will skip picking Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes (below) for their roster.

That’s where the roster salary caps come in. FanDuel players, for example, get a $60,000 salary cap. Obviously, a star like Mahomes will cost more than many other options—between $12,000 and $18,000. Winning often comes down to your last few picks, and whether you saved enough salary money to draft quality players who will help your final score.

With all this in mind, let’s look at some consensus picks for this matchup between the Chiefs and 49ers.

  • Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback. Mahomes is the highest priced pick for the championship game at both DraftKings and FanDuel, which does make what seems like an obvious pick a little risky. Mahomes has had a great post-season, which included piling up both passing and running yards. In the two playoff games he’s played this season, he completed 46 of 70 passes for 615 yards, eight touchdowns, and no interceptions. He’s rushed 15 times for 106 yards and a rushing touchdown.

That’s heady stuff, but Mahomes will be facing a very tough 49ers defense that’s been dominant at times, but did allow Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to throw for more than 300 yards in the NFC Championship game. Still, the 49ers have a great pass rushing defensive line, and might be able to contain Mahomes in the pocket.

In the end, however, you pretty much have to draft Mahomes. He’s a star. And he’s going to get his yards and his scores however the game goes. You’ll need to match those points, since everyone else will have him on their rosters.

  • Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers Quarterback. Garappolo hasn’t been asked to throw the ball much during the playoffs, as the 49ers have gone with a consistent ground attack. He threw for about 200 yards with one touchdown in the 49ers’ two playoff games.

    You’d think that would make him a cheaper roster option, but he’s still pretty pricey in both leagues. At DraftKings, you can play two quarterbacks, and if the game becomes a shootout, Garappolo could become a good play. Mahomes is the first choice, but Garappolo could come through in the showdown format.

  • Raheem Mostert, San Francisco Running Back. Mostert ran for 220 yards and four touchdowns in the 49ers’ win against Green Bay, but that came mostly after 49ers RB Trevor Coleman—who had been the main back—went down with a shoulder injury. Since Mostert is a pricey pick, you’ll have to watch Coleman’s status carefully.

    The Chiefs also have a strong run defense, and their offense scores quickly, forcing opponents to throw the ball more.

    Having said that, Mostert was simply a monster in his last game, and will get a lot of touches in the championship game. He’s also likely to be the second most chosen captain at DraftKings. It would be hard to sit him after his performance in the NFC Championship.

  • Damien Williams, Kansas City Running Back. Williams is another pricey pick, despite an injury-plagued season. However, he’s scored four touchdowns in Kansas City’s two playoff games and should make most rosters.

    But KC is a high-scoring team, relying mostly on Mahomes’ arm. Williams will likely see only about 20 touches, but will get the bulk of the running duties for the Chiefs. If the Chiefs are trying to kill the clock at the end of the game, Williams could get some big yards.

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