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PlaySugarHouse.com Kicks Off Football Season with Hundreds of Live Betting Options


PlaySugarHouse.com’s newly launched sportsbook offers an array of in-game betting options that let sports fans engage with games in real time.

For NFL games, PlaySugarHouse.com plans to offer 50 to 60 different betting options throughout each game—more than other sports betting sites, says Mattias Stetz, chief operating officer of Rush Street Interactive, operator of PlaySugarHouse.

“Live in-game betting is the future of sports betting here in the U.S., and being able to offer interesting bets, even in games that are very one-sided, is something we always strive to offer our bettors,” Stetz says.

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Players can wager on which team will win a game, the “money line,” whether teams will cover the point spread (and, there are many spreads to choose from) and total points scored in a game, with several different odds. Bets can be placed at any time during a game.

Odds change as the game progresses, depending on what happens in the game, Stetz explains. For example, if a team takes an early lead, the likelihood of the team winning increases, while the odds decrease.

Each game also features “alternate lines,” with corresponding odds.

And, bettors can wager on what’s happening during the game. For example, which team will score first or the outcome of the next drive, such as a touchdown or turnover.

Games come with a range of prop bet options, like how many passing yards or touchdown passes the quarterback may throw. Many of the prop bets become available as kickoff approaches, and they also change as the game progresses, with new ones popping up throughout the game.

He says in-game betting can make watching games more exciting and makes players feel like they are part of the game.

At any given points during the NFL’s busiest times—Sunday afternoons—PlaySugarHouse.com could be offering several hundred betting options across multiple games.

PlaySugarHouse.com offers live, in-game sports betting on NFL games and certain college football games, as well as MLB, MLS, European soccer leagues and more. Stetz says the iGaming site plans to offer in-game betting on about 120,000 games per year, a number that will likely grow.

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