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PlaySugarHouse Offers Sweet Bonuses

PlaySugarHouse.com offers up a rich menu of promotions for all types of gamblers.

Back in May, we sampled the wealth of promotions available on the PlaySugarHouse.com site. The giveaways, games and contests have only increased since then.

We’ll go over several of the casino promotions here—there’s also a complete lineup of sports-betting promotions—as PlaySugarHouse continues to increase its enticing giveaways.

Here are some of the best from PlaySugarHouse.

Community Chat

Community Chat is a brand given to several contests at PlaySugarHouse, including trivia questions and various games. One of the most prominent games is a bingo contest, staged several times a month. The next contests are on Saturday, August 13 and Saturday, August 27.

During each promotional period (August 8-12 and August 22-26), players can earn an entry to take part in the exclusive Community Chat $1,500–prize-pool bingo games. You earn entries to bingo by winning any of the other Community Chat games, which are listed on a calendar at the site during the promotion period. Other opportunities arise periodically on the site to win an invitation to bingo.

Players can win a maximum of two chat game prizes per day. The first win of the day is $10 in bonus money unless announced otherwise by a Community Chat “ambassador,” and the second win of the day is $5 in bonus money unless announced otherwise.

The first player to correctly answer the question/game with an accepted answer will become the winner. Accepted answers will be listed alongside the winning participants when the chat game concludes. Players can tie for the winning title. Winners then log in on one of the bingo contest days to daub their bingo cards. There are 20 winners selected among the first to achieve a bingo on their cards.

$1,500 Bingo Prizes

1st Place: $300 Bonus Money
2nd Place: $175 Bonus Money
3rd – 4th Place: $125 Bonus Money
5th – 9th Place: $75 Bonus Money
10th – 14th Place: $50 Bonus Money
15th – 20th Place: $25 Bonus Money

RushRace Daily Slot Tournament

PlaySugarHouse doles out random invitations for this event. Select account owners will be invited to register for and participate in a free-to-play RushRace promotion—a timed, point-earning, free-to-play promotional slot tournament. Prizes are based on a predetermined prize structure (1X Bonus Money, Free Bet, Bonus Store Points, or additional promotional opportunities).

Players who don’t want to wait for an invite can purchase an entry to the RushRace tournament at the PlaySugarHouse Bonus Store.

After players register for a RushRace, they will be able to launch a free-to-play slot game for the tournament. During tournament play, each contestant will spin on the slot to earn leaderboard points. Players will be ranked on the leaderboard based on the number of points earned during the RushRace.

Top Prize: $50 in 1X Bonus Money. Prizes will be loaded onto eligible accounts within five minutes of RushRace completion.

Receive a random invitation at SugarHouse into our new and exclusive daily RushRace Slot Tournaments while wagering real money on Casino Games!

Bonus Store

The iRush Rewards Bonus Store is a great feature in its own right. Bonus gifts at the store are earned through points from play that elevate players to different Loyalty Level tiers.

Benefits in the Bonus Store will have a Reward Point price. Players can redeem benefits by exchanging Reward Points for a benefit. Once the player redeems the benefit, their balance will adjust based on the benefit’s price. Benefits in the iRush Rewards Bonus Store may be locked based on a player’s Loyalty Level Status. Upon reaching a higher Loyalty Level Status, benefits with increased rewards will be unlocked in the Bonus Store.

Participants with Loyalty Levels 7-10 will receive additional offers outside of the iRush Rewards Bonus Store and at the physical Rivers Casino in Philadelphia.

An additional Loyalty Level 11, called Elite, has been created for participants by invitation only. Benefits include, but are not limited to, wheel spins, scratch cards, deposit bonuses, free bets, odds boosts in sports bets, profit boosts and other Bonus Money opportunities.

The site lists a detailed outline of the current month’s promotions for all VIP players level 7-10. This may include promotions such as deposit matches, exclusive bingo games, bonus store specials and more.

Players in Level 7-11(Elite) are eligible to receive a Birthday Scratch card or Bonus Money offer within their birthday month, high-stakes bingo games, “Swag” gifts, food comps and free slot play at Rivers Casino in Philadelphia, luxury VIP gifts, and thank-you dinners. Players at Level 11 even are eligible for a free Apple or Android device.

Happy Hour Slots

On select days, players will be notified of a Happy Hour Slot. For every spin you make on the slot game featured during the 5 p.m.-9 p.m. Happy Hour, you receive double the loyalty points.

You’re always invited to SugarHouse Happy Hour. For every spin you make on the slot game featured during the 5-9 p.m. Happy Hour, you will receive double the Loyalty Points!


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