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South Africa Tackles Illegal Online Games

South Africans asked to report illicit activities

On May 27, authorities in South Africa seized approximately R1.25 million (US$97,000) in “unlawful winnings” through international online gambling sites. In 2016, the government announced a plan to amend the 2004 National Gambling Act 2004 to enforce restrictions on illegal online gambling in the country.

The South African Department of Trade and Industry informed gamblers that they would be “unable to receive their winnings and would expose themselves to criminal prosecution” as well as fines if they engaged in illegal online gambling either from home or in unlicensed internet cafes.

National Gambling Board Accounting Officer Caroline Kongwa released a statement saying the NGB was “encouraged by the judiciary system in considering gambling-related manners” and said a High Court judgment in Gauteng Province had been issued “in favor of a licensed gambling operator prohibiting an illegal gambling operator from offering illegal online gambling.”

Kongwa warned South African citizens to avoid any illegal gambling services and to report illegal games and advertising.

Bingo halls, low-stakes machine parlors, brick-and-mortar casinos, and racing and betting are the only legal gambling options under the South African Gambling Act. South Africans may place online sports bets only on locally licensed sites.

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