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Strategies for Full Pay Jacks or Better Video Poker

Video poker is fun and challenging but it also can be confusing. Bonus Poker, Double Bonus, Jokers Wild…. The variations can be enormous. Start with Jacks or Better and find a 9/6 payback and you’re already ahead.

Many players have already learned that video poker games offer the best odds in any casino setting and this holds true online as well. The great advantage that players will have is that some online casinos offer full pay video poker games, which are not often found in a land-based casino. One of the most popular games that offer full pay online is Jacks or Better, also referred to as 9/6 Jacks or Better. The following strategies will provide players with useful tips that can be used to maximize winnings on this type of video poker game.

To be successful with video poker, it is essential to know the difference between full and short pay games. A Jacks or Better game that offers a 9 coin payout on every coin bet when a full house is won is a 9/6, or full pay game. Those that reduce the amount by one coin each per hand are called short pay games and they can surely put a strain on the bankroll. Unless the game offers a bonus or a promotion, it is best to stick to the 9/6 versions for the best payouts.

The main difference when playing a full pay Jacks or Better game lies with the payout for a five coin bet when a Royal Flush is won. This payout will be 4000 coins, so players looking for the best returns should always find a full pay game. Using the following tips when playing will optimize the chances of collecting payouts from this great video poker selection. A full pay video poker game can be identified by looking at the pay table. These games will pay 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush.

If four cards to a flush are dealt and four cards to a straight are present, always draw for the flush. This obviously offers a better payout. Always avoid throwing away low pairs even if there are three high cards present in the hand. The reason for this is mathematical and the Expected Value of a low pair hand is 0.8 where the high cards that are unsuited only have an Expected Value of 0.5.

When the bankroll allows, always play the maximum coins on a full pay video poker game. The bonus payout when achieving a Royal Flush will make this bet beneficial as it offers a 2 percent addition to the payout. Many new players will make the mistake of holding a kicker card in addition to a low pair, such as an Ace or King with a pair of threes. This will not increase payouts and will actually reduce the chances of drawing cards that will improve the rank of the hand.

There are a number of basic strategies that can be used when playing a full pay game. The first is to always go for the highest ranking hand offers the chance to go for four of a kind, straight flush or a royal flush, always discard cards that will allow for these hands to be completed. With 2 pair hands, always discard the remaining card and go for a full house. Should players hold a hand with one high pair, discard the remaining three and hope for another pair or three of a kind.

Not all dealt hands will offer a chance to hold cards that offer immediate payouts. If there are two high unsuited cards in the hand, discard the remaining three. High cards, anything above a Jack should be held if no other combinations are present. If none of the mentioned scenarios are present, the best bet is to discard all five cards and hope for a pair payout.

By using these basic strategies, players can enjoy the great rewards from a full pay game and will find that their bankroll will last longer. Making use of these tips will help to improve game play and benefit from the pay table of a full pay game.

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