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Study: eSports Fans Not Concerned About Cheating

A recent study has found that fans of competitive video gaming aren’t concerned about match-fixing in the sport, which could cast a cloud on casinos taking bets of contests.

A study from the University of Nevada Las Vegas has found that fans of eSports competitive video gaming have mixed feelings about cheating—an issue that will need to be addressed if casinos are going to embrace betting on eSports matches.

The report found that fans of the games aren’t very concerned about match-fixing, where competitors actually “cheat to lose.”In fact, fans think cheating to win is actually a much bigger threat to the games.

The study comes as many eSports leagues and ventures are grappling with how to ensure game integrity. Brett Abarbanel, director of research of the UNLV’s International Gaming Institute, told CDC Gaming Reports that efforts by eSports players to lose a competition on purpose is the most serious risk to the legitimacy and growth of the industry.

“Match-fixing is less of a concern in lounges and the arena spaces,” Abarbanel said. “As the activity grows, the eSports community itself need to address this issue.”

Abarbanel and co-author Mark Johnson of the University of Alberta in Canada said they examined “perceptions of gambling awareness, integrity and eSports gambling to assess esports consumers’ awareness of and attitudes towards gambling-related match-fixing.

“Results indicate that esports viewers are not deeply concerned by match-fixing,” the authors wrote. “In addition, spectators typically view gambling as a cause of corruption among competitors, but also understand and accept some elements of the practice.”

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