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From Cancer Survivor to Jackpot Winner : SugarHouse Player’s Remarkable Reversal of Fortune

In the game of life, Pamela of Deptford, New Jersey is a two-time winner. She bagged two big jackpots within a month at PlaySugarHouse.com, and also beat cancer—twice.  Here’s her story.

You might say Pamela’s winning streak began in April, when she won almost $140,000 playing a $10 bet on her favorite online casino game, DivineFortune, at PlaySugarHouse.com. The streak continued in May, when she won more than $20,000 playing the same game.

But Pamela won the sweepstakes of a lifetime in February, when she celebrated a pivotal anniversary: five years cancer-free.

While she’s certainly been lucky at the slots, the 49-year-old Deptford, New Jersey woman endured several difficult years, in treatment for both ovarian and uterine cancers.

Today, Pamela (whose last name is withheld for privacy purposes) is well and happy and anticipating her next big win.

sportsquare.com asked her about her reversal of fortune and the secret of her success at the slots.

iGP.com: Actually, Pamela, the big jackpot in April wasn’t your first win, was it?

Pamela: In October, I won $16,000 in the casino, a progressive game called Fort Knox. SugarHousecontacted me after that and introducedme to the online casino. Five monthslater, I hit the jackpot on Divine Fortune.

People must wish they had your luck.

I don’t think I’m particularly lucky. I won the 50/50 at church once, but I’ve never won the lottery. Plenty of times, I go home from the casino with two dollars in my pocket. Believe me, if I thought I was always going to be lucky, I’d be living at SugarHouse!

What strategies have made you a winning player?

You can’t be brave until you win something; then you’re playing with the casino’s money and can get a little more aggressive.

If I win, I’ll up my bet to get a little buffer. In my opinion, the game acts differently then, it’ll start getting a lot of hits for the bonus round. And to hit the jackpot, you have to be in the bonus round.

I stop playing if I’m not getting a bonus round. I back out and go on to something else. I do believe in hot machines. When I was playing Divine Fortune, that game was on fire.

Why did you play Divine Fortune, which by the way is the winningest online progressive slot game in New Jersey?

It’s a true progressive. Because a lot of people play, the jackpot grows rapidly.

What did you do with your winnings?

I paid my bills and got a robotic lawn mower. It looks like a little Batmobile!

What do you say to people who say they can’t win?

I don’t think it just happens every time you press that button. It’s not based on the time you play or your skill, but it has the potential to happen.

It’s so random, so you don’t have to be a professional. Go in it for fun, and maybe it’ll be your lucky day.

Also, if you’re not hitting, get off. You may think it has to pay on the next spin, but the odds aren’t with you. I’m not an expert on anything, though. I just got hit by the lucky bus.

Are you still a SugarHouse player?

Yes. I prefer SugarHouse because it’s small and you get to know the people there. They know your name. It feels good.

How are you feeling these days, Pamela?

I owe my life to Fox Chase Cancer Center.My health is good now, and I’m just enjoying life.

I think if you stay positive, good things find a way in.

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