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Tournament of the Week: Turbo Games

Online poker players, do you like the idea of quick riches? You’ll like the pace of Turbo games, here at iGamingPlayer.com.

This week, iGP highlights a type of online poker tournament that focuses on quick action and quicker returns.

Unlike Sit n Go’s, this is a full-on multi-table tournament—played at breakneck speed.

We’re talking Turbo. These games are offered by all poker sites in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware—usually as part of the daily tournament schedule.

Any tournament player knows that the blinds—mandatory bets made in position—rise steadily throughout a tournament to move the action along. Most tournaments raise the blinds every 20 minutes or so, and sometimes the wait is even longer.

Imagine how quick the action would be if the blinds were raised, say, every four to six minutes. Crazy, huh? Well, that’s Turbo poker. Super Turbo games move even faster, with the blinds raising every three minutes.

Clearly, this changes how you play. The blinds could go up two or even three times before you find yourself in the small and big blind slots during the game. That puts your chip stack at risk.

To avoid bleeding chips in the blinds, strategists say you have to be ready to act when the time is right. Be ready to go all in whenever you have strong cards. Keeping up your stack is key early on.

Blind Luck

Turbo games are also a great equalizer of talent. You may be the best player at the table or the worst, but you’re still under pressure from the ever-increasing blinds. That makes luck much more of a factor. Will you get strong cards when you’re in the blinds? Will you hit a flop before you get to the blinds? The nature of the game puts everyone on equal footing.

If you survive past the bubble, you can play tighter, hoping your opponents will implode. Your goal is the final table and each Turbo player figures out their own strategy.

Here’s a basic hint: steal the blinds whenever you can, and be prepared to take chances.

WSOP Brings the Action

If the sound of Turbo poker intrigues you, check out WSOP.com through August 18. The Nevada and New Jersey sites are hosting an August Turbo Series. Buy-ins for the daily tournaments range from $5 to $215.

On August 18, WSOP.com will also present a $1,000 buy-in $35,000 guaranteed Turbo High Roller [Re-entry, 8 Max] Turbo Series Event.

Expect a big field and just as important, expect the tournament to be over fast. Somebody’s going to get rich quick.

Pala Plays it Fast

The Pala Poker site is currently featuring FreeRoll Hyper Turbo Texas Hold’em no limit with a $50 guarantee. These games are offered daily at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Check them out…Somebody has to be a winner, maybe it’ll be you.

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