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Troubles Continue for Atlantic City’s Former Revel Casino


The owner of the former Revel Casino, Glen Straub, has missed another deadline.

TEN—the announced name for the proposed Atlantic City casino—remains closed despite another planned opening for this month.

Further complicating things for Straub, a Superior Court Judge has placed a $62,641 lien on the property for unpaid 2015 fees to the Special Improvement District under the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. The casino also owes those fees for 2016 and this year, according to a report in the Press of Atlantic City.

It’s been a long struggle for Straub, who has had concept and licensing problems since he bought the property in 2015. The Florida-based developer acquired the closed casino through bankruptcy proceedings, and has announced several opening dates for the former casino, but missed all of them. Most of the delays come as Straub and his company Polo North Country Club Inc. have failed to meet a host of regulatory approvals needed to open.

The biggest delay has come as the state’s Casino Control Commission has ruled that Straub must obtain full New Jersey casino licensing to re-open casino space at the property. Straub maintains he does not need licensing, as he would simply lease the space to a casino company. The matter is still in the courts.

“We are stubborn enough people,” Straub told the Press. “The casino is the hub of the wheel. There is no reason to open the property if it’s only half of a wheel.”

The lien is a result of another Polo North against the state authority over the fees, the Press reported. Judge Julio J. Mendez ruled that the company has 90 days to pay the money or it could face paying legal fees associated with the case.

Straub did not comment on that ruling.

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