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Virgin Casino Rolls Out New Slots

Virgin’s online casino constantly rolls in new slot games. Here are some exciting new online games.

Virgin Casino’s online site (virgincasino.com) has been known for the variety of slot games it offers. It also constantly adds new titles in a great rotation of fresh games. Here are a couple of the new games this month.

Dollars to Donuts Machine is Great

The new Donuts online slot machine was developed by Big Time Gaming and has a return to player of 96.52%. The “Return to Player” or RTP reflects the percentage of all wagers on a game that are returned, collectively, to players as wins. It is also known as the payback percentage.

This is a fun game themed around a classic 1950s diner, in this case   a donut shop—its giant Route 66-style marquee, “3-2-1 Donuts,” itself reflecting the space-age ’50s theme.

The game is presented on a four-by-four layout—four reels, four rows of symbols each—with 256 paylines. In the free-spin round, that changes to 16 individual reels. In addition to traditional poker symbols, donuts in different colors appear as symbols, paying cash-on-reels awards when they land adjacent to either the first or fourth reel. There is also a jukebox, the wild symbol, on the second and fourth reels, and “Donut Box” symbols that each reveal up to four individual colored donuts.

Three or more symbols on the same line form a win. In the free-spin round, these symbols will be doubled, triples or quadrupled, potentially forming a 16-of-a-kind win on the 16 reels.

The top prize in the game combines yellow and purple donuts into a prize multiplied up to 15X.

The Gold Donut is the scatter symbol. Three Gold Donuts trigger 12 free spins. Four of the symbols trigger 20 free spins. The bonus round starts out with the donut shop marquee blasting off… “3-2-1…” The Gold Donut symbols also figure in a hold-and-re-spin feature that can end up multiplying the overall bonus up to 50X.

Fun theme, well executed. You’ll want to eat a donut after seeing the graphics.

Players at Virgincasino.com can get $30 free when they sign up in addition to up to $100 cash back on your first week of play. For the cashback deal, you just need to make a deposit of $10 or more.

Hit a Lucky Streak with New Slot Game

Developer Big Time Gaming presents Lucky Streak Mk2, which has a RTP of 96%.

This game authentically captures the atmosphere of a mechanical penny-arcade game. The graphics simulate incandescent light flashes jumping around behind mechanical reels, creating a lighting effect not unlike an old electro-mechanical pinball machine. A multiplier ladder (dubbed “Cash Stoppa”) sits at the right of the five reels, randomly ramping up to between 10X and 30X to multiply wins during the bonus rounds.

The base game is a five-reel, 20-line slot. The bonuses are called the Cash Stoppa Trail and the Lucky Streak Trail.

In the Cash Stoppa bonus, free spins continue, randomly racking up multiplied wins on the bonus ladder, until the “Cash Stoppa” collect sign lights up on top of the ladder.

The Lucky Streak Trail offers up to 15 free spins, with a guaranteed win of some kind on every spin. Three scatters in a free game retrigger the feature.

The frequent free-spin bonuses can be lucrative, but the best part of this game is the basic presentation of the reel-spinning. Flashing lights and mechanical sound effects create the authentic feel of an old-time arcade.

Daily Free Games Available

In addition to Virgin’s constant parade of new games, the site offers two exclusive Daily Free Games. Currently, the selections are Search for the Phoenix and Tiki’s Catch of the Day. Players earn free spins on the games simply by logging onto the site with at least $10 in prior deposits.

Just log into the site and click the “Free” tab at the top. You’ll receive a number of free spins, and if you win at the games, those winnings can translate into real-money wagers after the accumulated winnings are collected at the end of the month.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today at Virgin Casino and start reaping the rewards.


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