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Want to Bet on Boxing? A Blow-by-Blow Guide

Want to bet on the “sweet science” of boxing? Renowned sports announcer Davey B gives you some do’s and don’ts.

I’m often asked about betting on boxing.

Because I call major fights, I’ve never wagered on one, and as a matter of ethics, I never will. For those who do, here are some tips going forward.

Most fights are not bettable on the win line because of the disparity between the favorite and the underdog. The September 14 Jose Pedraza-Jose Zepeda fight is a rare competitive one, with Pedraza at -160, but most events don’t fall into the betting realm.

Heavyweight Daniel Dubois, for instance, is a 100-1 favorite in an upcoming fight on September 27. His opponent, Ebenezer Tetteh, is a 16-1 underdog. The books can’t get enough money on both sides, and that’s why there’s a whopping difference in the lines. You like a 100-1 favorite? Bet $1,000 to win 10? Not even Santa Claus bets like that. And Tetteh is 19-0.

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Here another for-instance: Despite knocking out Anthony Joshua in June, Andy Ruiz has as much chance of winning a close decision in the December 7 rematch in Saudi Arabia as you would of being randomly getting a ringside ticket from a Saudi prince. The deck is stacked against Ruiz, but he’s the 3-1 underdog against a fighter he already knocked out. If you like his KO chances, there’s your bet.

There are other options:

  • Prop bets. The winner by a decision or by knockout will pay better. Nailing an exact knockout round often pays double figures. You can give yourself a better chance with this by taking a group of three or four rounds, much like you would a street in roulette.
  • Know who the house fighter is. Promoters invest big money, and their futures are linked to outcomes. That plays a role, even subliminally, in a fight that goes the distance. House fighters almost never lose close decisions.
  • Finally, consider layoffs and who is closer to his/her prime.

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Dave Bontempo, a multiple award-winning writer and broadcaster, has covered sports for the Associated Press, ESPN, HBO and Showtime and called boxing matches on every major network. Dave is a winner of the Sam Taub Award for broadcast excellence given by the Boxing Writers Association of America, and is a member of both the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame and the Atlantic City International Boxing Hall of Fame. He writes regularly for iGamingPlayer.com and Global Gaming Business magazine.

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