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What’s PointsBetting, and Why Should You Try It?

Think of PointsBetting as life in the fast lane. On steroids. In combat boots. And that’s why it kicks ass.

PointsBet is the ultimate second-by-second wagering heaven. You don’t have to watch and wait three hours to learn the result of a $25 wager.

With PointsBetting, there’s action every second. Each play matters. This type of wagering is high-risk, high-reward—and high-velocity excitement.

PointsBetting lets you win more when you’re right. It also provides the instant gratification most gamblers want.

For instance, you can take an NFL quarterback’s over-under passing yardage for 240 and make a $10 bet to go over. If the QB throws 250 yards, the wager returns 10 (yards over 240) by 10 (the bet) and pays $100. A 300-yard performance yields $600, 60 yards over the total times $10.

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But if the quarterback gets hurt the first play of the game and throws for no yardage? That’s a big loss: $2,400.

Smaller wagers are available, but this example shows the volatile nature of the betting; your temperament and bankroll have to fit the situation. Some players wager $100 parlays and bet thousands on NFL games, but you can scale back the bet to get more enjoyment for less outlay.

An NBA example of PointsBetting would be a game line set at 200 combined total points. The bettor wagers $10 with the understanding that each point above or below that total changes the payout.

If the game finishes at 220 points, that’s a 20-point win times the $10 bet for a win of $200. Under every other form of wagering, that result returns a $10 profit. On the flip side, a total of 180 would hurt—a $200 loss.

There are also bets involving when players pass individual milestones like three, five and 10 points scored. The NHL offers similar props for when a team first takes a shot on goal or scores.

This is a unique way to approach the betting world. Gamblers want thrills and chills. You’ll get both here.

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