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With Bruins Thwarted, PointsBet Refunds Bets

What a puckin’ mess. In Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals, a no-call by referee Kelly Sutherland gave the win to the St. Louis Blues and put the Boston Bruins behind the 8-ball. Here’s how one sports book responded.

Points Bet Refunds BetsNHL ref Kelly Sutherland must be a generous guy. On Thursday night, he basically handed Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals to the St. Louis Blues, giving them a critical edge ahead of Game 6 on Sunday.

In response to the snafu, PointsBet.com announced that it’s refunded all pregame money line bets on the Bruins in the form of Bonus Bets.

In an email to iGamingPlayer.com, PointsBet’s Jonathan Sprung wrote, “Our Karma Kommittee called an emergency meeting early after Game 5 and ruled on the side of all Bruins bettors. When an egregious non-call leads to a potentially series-shifting goal, PointsBet steps in to set things right.”

Here’s how it went down:

It was midway through the third period when Blues center Tyler Bozak clearly tripped up the Bruins’ Noel Acciari—a cheap shot ignored by Sutherland.

Bozak’sslewfoot opened the door for the game-clinching goal by Blues wingman David Perron; St. Louis won the game 2–1 and took a 3–2 lead in the series.

“We had hundreds of bettors on the Bruins moneyline—they’re one of PointsBet’s bettors more popular teams,” says PointsBet Head of Content Matthew Chaprales. “Tens of thousands of dollars were refunded as Bonus to PointsBet bettors as of 9:30 a.m. this morning.”

It’s not the only time PointsBet has made good on bad calls. “Most recently was actually the Blues, when a hand pass by the Sharks in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals went unnoticed, leading to a painful loss for St. Louis backers,” says Chaprales.

The hilariously named Karma Kommittee first convened in January,after the NFC Championship Game, when the New Orleans Saints were robbed of a chance to go to the Super Bowl.According to Chaprales, it exists “to identify and isolate similar occurrences and try to do right by our customers by giving them something back. There’s no worse feeling than losing a bet you know you legitimately should’ve won.”

FYI for irate Bruins fans: a Fire Kelly Sutherland Facebook page is now alive and kicking. Sort of like Tyler Bozak.

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